Chapter One – Waking Up

The first thing we all do ,every day is wake up, (hopefully) and if we do its a plus. That means its gonna be a good day. But how you move forward with the rest of the day , is entirely up to you. Unless retired, we all need to work . to support our families and ourselves, we all have bills to pay, car payments , rents and mortgages. Sometimes it can all be overwhelming, and we can feel like its never gonna end, you start to feel like a robot, get up, go to work, come home , eat dinner, watch jeopardy, go to sleep and do it all over again. Like the Bill Murray movie, ground hogs day. Trust me Ive felt that way many times. Life is tough and at times it could get really challenging. We have all been there, but the alternative is not much better , is it? Finding a balance, though tough to do, is what we all need to help us get through. Finding a job, that you love, makes it much easier to deal with, when you love what you do, you wont work a day in your life. It took me some time, but Ive learned to balance things out, Finding things besides work to help me clear my head. Being in the sales field, ive learned to transform myself into what I need to be at the time of each sale, hence my nickname The Chameleon. We all need to sell our selfs at one time or another. When was the last time you sold yourself, was it when you met your husband, or your wife, was it when you were trying to sell your car , or buy a new one, either way we are always selling. Hopefully you will learn how to naturally do this and when you figure out how, you will see all the pieces fall into place. Now dont get me wrong, some people are born with it, others can learn it, but there is also the ones that will never get it. Thank you for reading chapter one of The Chameleon, Together will can transform the way we live. love, work and play.

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